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Our Trays

Having a hard time deciding which cookies to order??

Planning a party and need a dessert??

How about trying one of our trays?

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They come in 3 sizes (the small is available only in December). All of our trays come with a variety of cookies (Pizzelles, Coconut Macaroons, & Clothespins),  and our cut-outs. Our trays also include our homemade candies.

Cut-Out Only Tray  –  3 dozen cut-outs on tray

Cut-Out & Candy Tray  –  3 dozen cut-outs  –  3/4 # of homemade candies

Small Tray   –   2 dozen cookies   –   3/4 pound of homemade candies

Medium Tray   –   4 dozen cookies   –   1 1/2 pounds of homemade candies

Large Tray   –   5 dozen cookies   –   2 pounds of homemade candies

**Customization is available to insure the perfect combination of deliciousness!
(Additional charges may apply.)

Please contact us for pricing, questions, or more information about our trays.